Saturday, April 4, 2009


Congratulations to all the Team SiberMal members who participated in Idita-walk 2009.  The goal was 1045 minutes, and quite a few of us listed on the finishers roster, including:
MFT - 1755  
Star - 1400 
Jack - 1400
Khady Lynn - 1240
Huffle - 1150
We know Steve & Kat, & King Skyboy also walked, but they still have to update their times.  (hint hint)
Your humans are healthier for it, now keep them taking woo out for walks all year long as training for next year's Idita-walk!
Cake & ice-cream for effurryone!
(How's Baked Alaska sound?)
Reporting for Team SiberMal,
Jack a-roo

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Iditawalk Finishers!

Woos & a-roos to all of yous!  Two more Team SiberMal-ers have completed their Iditawalk.
Star & Jack (that's ME!)
Her we are heading out on the last leg of our qualifying walk!
We get to join the  Finishers Roster !
Here are Team SiberMal finishers totals as of today:
Flurry   1440
Khyra   1335
Huffle   1150
Khady Lynn 1150
Star 1070
Jack 1070
We still have a few members pounding the pavement with their paws, keep up the good work & hope to see woo at the finish line!
AND THAT'S A FACT JACK!    Maple and Larry are the lead dogs on the  Mackey's team that led this pack to victory! Extra treats for those two!
Reporting for Team SiberMal,
Jack a-roo

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another IDITAWALK Finisher!

Khongratulations to Khyra!
She & her humom have completed the Iditawalk!
A-roos to yous!
Reporting for Team SiberMal,
Jack a-roo

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Iditerod Begins!

This is it - the Iditerod begins today!!! Good luck to all the entrants, we'll be watching!
A special Congratulations to Team SiberMal's own Flurry, ho has completed the Idita-walk! Way to move those paws, Flurry! Woo are an inspiration to us all!
And speaking of inspirations, today I'm interviewing the motivational wooer, Khyra. She keeps our community up to all the latest woos on Khyra's Khorner, and is one of the founders of SiberMal.
1. How did woo find your furever family? 
My mom saw a dog on the York Khounty SPCA Web site...she stopped in to see her on August 19, 2006 and she was gone BUT I was there. The minute she saw me she knew! I looked and akhted furry much like Kyrye - she was 14 on Okhtober 28th. She has two blue eyes but our khoats and pawsonalities were furry similar. She khame bakhk to spend more time with me the next was her my Gotcha Day is akhtually her birfhday since I was a gift she gave herself! I'd like to think I am the best gift she ever did get!
2. Do woo have siblings?
My mom has four other Sibes that live with the ex...I get to see my sisters from time to time.  
3.   So Khyra, what 's your favorite : food? toy? place to sleep? 
I pretty much like evfurry food!   I love my Wubbas! I like to sleep khurled in a chair during the day and evenings. At night, I start on Mom's bed but head to the floor after she gets settled in!
4.  Have woo ever had encounters with small critters like sqwirrels? (and were they tasty encounters?) 
No tasty enkhounters YET! But I love to taunt the skhwirrels and khats. I khan't help but flush out the birdies that take refuge in some of the bushes by my patio!
5.   Your Walking Wednesdays have become a favorite feature on your blog!  Tell us a bit more about where you get to go walking.
I take Mom on a 1.25mile route through our neighbourhood. She would like to go further BUT she hopes I'll know where I live should I ever eskhape by keeping me used to the same 'range' On our walks, I make the turns...she doesn't have to say a thing!
6. Do woo like going to the v-e-t? 
I've only been there twice but so far YES! I get to dazzle them with my smile and my fluffy tail!
Oh yes, MFT, your fluffy tail dazzles us all!  It's so furry feminine!
7.  If we were all on the actual Iditerod trail, what would woo like to see in Alaska? 
Snow of khourse! It would also be nice to see some other khanines so we khould play!
8. Do woo get to go for car rides? planes, trains, boats or buses? 
Just for rides in my Xterra!
9. What's the best part about being a sibe? 
Being furry loved and adored!
10. Tell us something else interesting about yourself. 
I've helped to spread the lost language of Khyraese! It seems to be khatching on slowly! Any hard 'c' sound bekhomes a KH and any 'q' bekhomes a KHW! It is akhtually khwite easy to utilize on a daily basis. My mom has to guard against using it when she writes to those that aren't aware of its existence!  She really has amazed me with how well she's khaught onto it!
I've been prakhticing Khyraese, and getting better at it all the time.  One day I hope to earn one of those "I speak Khyraese" logos on my blog too!
Well, thank woo for taking time from your busy schedule to answer a few questions.  Your fan base is growing rapidly, so I'm sure lots of doggers out there learned a little more about woo.  
10 AM Alaska time...  68 teams will set out to run the historic race from Anchorage to Nome!!!    
Reporting for Team SiberMal,
Jack a-roo 

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Washing Woos Interview Part II

Jack interviews Kat
Part 2 of our double interview with the Washington Woos!
(My chance to sidle up to Steve's sweet & saucy sis! )
1. How did woo find your furever family?
Well, as Steve said, Mom saw his picture. Then she noticed that he had a litter mate with a black mask like she wanted. She didn't think she wanted a blue-eyed dog, but once she saw me, she loved my blue eyes. Mom thought it was meant to be that we were the puppies for her since Steve and I had the perfect looks and we were born on my mom's dad's birthday.
Woo do indeed have beawootiful eyes, really stunning with your face mask.  I could look into them furever! As a puppy, I also had a furry dark mask-- I don't know
 where it went, but its gone!
2. Do woo have siblings (skin, feathered, furred, scaled, whatever)
I have Silly Steve for a brother. He's really fun to play with and he does whatever I say. I also have Wilbur. We live in a state of tolerance. I don't like him and he doesn't like me, but we have to tolerate each other. It makes me really mad when he sits on my mom though.
3. what 's your favorite : food? toy? place to sleep?
I really like cantaloupe. My favorite toy is my yellow Life is Good ball. My favorite place to sleep is on the couch with my mom or in bed next to my mom or in the office on top of my mom's feet. Basically with my mom!
4. Have woo ever had encounters with small critters like sqwirrels? (and were they tasty encounters?)
I chase squirrels in the yard, but I haven't caught one. (That I'm admitting to.)
5. Tell us a bit about where you get to go walking.
My walking routes are the same as Steve's. I particularly love it when we get to go bike riding. Yes, woo had pictures on your blog of woo in your bike-riding harness, furry cool!
6. Do woo like going to the v-e-t?
I like the part where I get to go for a car ride and meet new people, but I don't actually like the vet part. (Me neither)
7. If we were all on the actual Iditerod trail, what would woo like to see in Alaska?
SNOW! I love snow so much.  
(Me too!)
8. Do woo get to go for car rides? planes, trains, boats or buses?
Same as Steve. I like to give my dad kisses while he's driving if I'm not wearing my seatbelt.
I was quite impressed that woo & Steve have been in an airplane with your mom as the pilot!  
9. What's the best part about being a sibe?
All of the attention I get. I love people and people always want to stop and pet me.
10. Tell us something else interesting about yourself.
I really like to play fetch, even though that's not a typical Siberian behavior. I'll pretty much always play.
Thanks, Kat.  I learned a few things about one of my very favorite sibettes!    Although woo didn't mention it, I know that woo also have gone to agility classes - that's pretty unusual for a sibe, too.  I've never gone to classes, but I made my own agility course in the backyard, jumping over and around the patio furniture, lawnmower, bar-b-que & stuff.  I dug lots of holes to make it more interesting.   If we effur get together, we could have lots of fun doing zoomies together.
Reporting for Team SiberMal, Jack a-roo

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jack Interviews Steve!

Woos & a-roos!  As promised, here's my interview with Steve, half the duo of the Washington woos!
1.  How did woo find your furever family?
My mom saw me listed on a website.  She thought I looked just like the puppy of my dad's dreams.  Since my bio-family lived close to Mom and Dad, they came over to see me and decided to take me home.  
2. Do woo have siblings?
Steve:  Yes, I have my bossy sister, Kat.  I do like her a lot and prefer to be in the same room with her at all times, although if she goes outside, I don't always want to go.  I do like being inside.  I also have my feline brother, wilbur.  I don't really play with him, but I do enjoy barking at him and sometimes he leaves his food and I have to steal his bowl off the counter.  He only has one bowl left because I've broken the others by pulling them off the counter.
3. What's your favorite food?  favorite toy?  favorite place to nap?
My favorite food is pretty much anything.  I recently discovered turkey ham and i really like it.  My favorite toy is my beaver.  I take him everywhere I go except outside because Mom doesn't think he should get dirty.  My favorite place to sleep is in the hallway, in front of the closet door.  It's a nice corner where  can sleep upside down.
Well Steve, I think we have a lot in common.  I like everything, love to sleep in the hallway upside down, and love my special stuffies.  Unfortunately my favorite ones have been ripped apart by sqwirrels - which is a good reason to leave your favorites inside
4.  Have woo had any encounters with small critters like sqwirrels, and were they tasty encounters?
I always chase squirrels in my yard.  I caught one and ate its head (too graphic for your readers?)  I would have eaten the whole thing, but Mom held me down while Dad pried the squirrel out of my jaws.
Woo have your furry own clubhouse, right?  Do you allow sqwirrels inside?
If they ever came in while I'm there, they wouldn't come out!
5.  Where do woo like to go walking?
Mostly just around the neighborhood, but sometimes on the weekends we go hiking in the mountains or somewhere around Seattle.
6.  Do woo like the v-e-t?
Yes, I have a new vet and I am in love with her.  I get very jealous when she stops examining me and tries to look at Kat.  She has to come back and give me attention so I don't make too much noise.
7.  If we were all on the actual Iditerod Trail, what would woo like to see in Alaska?
I think I'd like to play with some moose.
8.  Do woo go for car rides?  Have wo riden in anything else?
I have been on lots of car rides, the longest being the ride from TX to WA when we moved.  By the last day of that trip, I wouldn't get into the car and Dad had to lift me in.  My favorite regular destinatin is Dairy Queen.  They give me ice cream cones.  I've also flown in a Cessna, piloted by my mom.
No way!   Your mom can fly?  And woo flew?  Steve, woo are one cool dude!
9.  What's the best part about being a sibe?
Always being cute.  Cute can help you get away with anything.
10.  Tell us something else about yourself.
I know how to open doors and cabinets. You can find all sorts of interesting things behind
 closed doors, especially kitchen cabinets.
Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself, Steve.  I  wish we lived on the same coast - I just know woo & I would have the best time hanging out together!  We could check out all the cabinets, snack on sqwirrel brains, and then nap upside down with your beaver and my pengie.
Maybe someday...
Tomorrow:  An interview with Steve's furry lovely sister, Kat.
Reporting for Team SiberMal,
Jack A-roo

Idita-walk Pupdate!

Aroos to yous! 
Hard to believe, but we're half-way through the time allotment for the Idita-walk.  A few of our teams are reporting their totals so far. We'll update as more teams check in:
Holly's House, Khady Lynn: 670 Between Nulato & Kaltag
The Cybersibes, Star & Jack: 665 Between Nulato & Kaltag
Khyra, from her khorner:  660 Also Between Nulato & Kaltag
Washington Woos, Steve & Kat: 476 Between Cripple & Ruby
 Great progress, Team!
Go to the Iditarod's interactive map & read up on what the travel conditions & challenges along each leg of the journey!  (select map from menu on right side of the page)  It certainly sounds like our Team members are virtually experiencing some beautiful scenery!   
Check in again on Sat & Sun for Jack's back-to-back interviews with Steve & Kat, our brother-sister team from Washington.
What's happening today? Food and supplies are being delivered to the checkpoints with the aid of the Iditarod Air Force:
The Iditarod Canine athletes are undergoing electrocardiograms and extensive blood tests prior to the start of the race on March 7th.   This is the first of many exams by  V-E-T-S that will help insure the health of these amazing sled dogs, the greatest athletes on earth!
Reporting for Team SiberMal, Jack a-roo