Saturday, February 28, 2009

Washing Woos Interview Part II

Jack interviews Kat
Part 2 of our double interview with the Washington Woos!
(My chance to sidle up to Steve's sweet & saucy sis! )
1. How did woo find your furever family?
Well, as Steve said, Mom saw his picture. Then she noticed that he had a litter mate with a black mask like she wanted. She didn't think she wanted a blue-eyed dog, but once she saw me, she loved my blue eyes. Mom thought it was meant to be that we were the puppies for her since Steve and I had the perfect looks and we were born on my mom's dad's birthday.
Woo do indeed have beawootiful eyes, really stunning with your face mask.  I could look into them furever! As a puppy, I also had a furry dark mask-- I don't know
 where it went, but its gone!
2. Do woo have siblings (skin, feathered, furred, scaled, whatever)
I have Silly Steve for a brother. He's really fun to play with and he does whatever I say. I also have Wilbur. We live in a state of tolerance. I don't like him and he doesn't like me, but we have to tolerate each other. It makes me really mad when he sits on my mom though.
3. what 's your favorite : food? toy? place to sleep?
I really like cantaloupe. My favorite toy is my yellow Life is Good ball. My favorite place to sleep is on the couch with my mom or in bed next to my mom or in the office on top of my mom's feet. Basically with my mom!
4. Have woo ever had encounters with small critters like sqwirrels? (and were they tasty encounters?)
I chase squirrels in the yard, but I haven't caught one. (That I'm admitting to.)
5. Tell us a bit about where you get to go walking.
My walking routes are the same as Steve's. I particularly love it when we get to go bike riding. Yes, woo had pictures on your blog of woo in your bike-riding harness, furry cool!
6. Do woo like going to the v-e-t?
I like the part where I get to go for a car ride and meet new people, but I don't actually like the vet part. (Me neither)
7. If we were all on the actual Iditerod trail, what would woo like to see in Alaska?
SNOW! I love snow so much.  
(Me too!)
8. Do woo get to go for car rides? planes, trains, boats or buses?
Same as Steve. I like to give my dad kisses while he's driving if I'm not wearing my seatbelt.
I was quite impressed that woo & Steve have been in an airplane with your mom as the pilot!  
9. What's the best part about being a sibe?
All of the attention I get. I love people and people always want to stop and pet me.
10. Tell us something else interesting about yourself.
I really like to play fetch, even though that's not a typical Siberian behavior. I'll pretty much always play.
Thanks, Kat.  I learned a few things about one of my very favorite sibettes!    Although woo didn't mention it, I know that woo also have gone to agility classes - that's pretty unusual for a sibe, too.  I've never gone to classes, but I made my own agility course in the backyard, jumping over and around the patio furniture, lawnmower, bar-b-que & stuff.  I dug lots of holes to make it more interesting.   If we effur get together, we could have lots of fun doing zoomies together.
Reporting for Team SiberMal, Jack a-roo

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jack Interviews Steve!

Woos & a-roos!  As promised, here's my interview with Steve, half the duo of the Washington woos!
1.  How did woo find your furever family?
My mom saw me listed on a website.  She thought I looked just like the puppy of my dad's dreams.  Since my bio-family lived close to Mom and Dad, they came over to see me and decided to take me home.  
2. Do woo have siblings?
Steve:  Yes, I have my bossy sister, Kat.  I do like her a lot and prefer to be in the same room with her at all times, although if she goes outside, I don't always want to go.  I do like being inside.  I also have my feline brother, wilbur.  I don't really play with him, but I do enjoy barking at him and sometimes he leaves his food and I have to steal his bowl off the counter.  He only has one bowl left because I've broken the others by pulling them off the counter.
3. What's your favorite food?  favorite toy?  favorite place to nap?
My favorite food is pretty much anything.  I recently discovered turkey ham and i really like it.  My favorite toy is my beaver.  I take him everywhere I go except outside because Mom doesn't think he should get dirty.  My favorite place to sleep is in the hallway, in front of the closet door.  It's a nice corner where  can sleep upside down.
Well Steve, I think we have a lot in common.  I like everything, love to sleep in the hallway upside down, and love my special stuffies.  Unfortunately my favorite ones have been ripped apart by sqwirrels - which is a good reason to leave your favorites inside
4.  Have woo had any encounters with small critters like sqwirrels, and were they tasty encounters?
I always chase squirrels in my yard.  I caught one and ate its head (too graphic for your readers?)  I would have eaten the whole thing, but Mom held me down while Dad pried the squirrel out of my jaws.
Woo have your furry own clubhouse, right?  Do you allow sqwirrels inside?
If they ever came in while I'm there, they wouldn't come out!
5.  Where do woo like to go walking?
Mostly just around the neighborhood, but sometimes on the weekends we go hiking in the mountains or somewhere around Seattle.
6.  Do woo like the v-e-t?
Yes, I have a new vet and I am in love with her.  I get very jealous when she stops examining me and tries to look at Kat.  She has to come back and give me attention so I don't make too much noise.
7.  If we were all on the actual Iditerod Trail, what would woo like to see in Alaska?
I think I'd like to play with some moose.
8.  Do woo go for car rides?  Have wo riden in anything else?
I have been on lots of car rides, the longest being the ride from TX to WA when we moved.  By the last day of that trip, I wouldn't get into the car and Dad had to lift me in.  My favorite regular destinatin is Dairy Queen.  They give me ice cream cones.  I've also flown in a Cessna, piloted by my mom.
No way!   Your mom can fly?  And woo flew?  Steve, woo are one cool dude!
9.  What's the best part about being a sibe?
Always being cute.  Cute can help you get away with anything.
10.  Tell us something else about yourself.
I know how to open doors and cabinets. You can find all sorts of interesting things behind
 closed doors, especially kitchen cabinets.
Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself, Steve.  I  wish we lived on the same coast - I just know woo & I would have the best time hanging out together!  We could check out all the cabinets, snack on sqwirrel brains, and then nap upside down with your beaver and my pengie.
Maybe someday...
Tomorrow:  An interview with Steve's furry lovely sister, Kat.
Reporting for Team SiberMal,
Jack A-roo

Idita-walk Pupdate!

Aroos to yous! 
Hard to believe, but we're half-way through the time allotment for the Idita-walk.  A few of our teams are reporting their totals so far. We'll update as more teams check in:
Holly's House, Khady Lynn: 670 Between Nulato & Kaltag
The Cybersibes, Star & Jack: 665 Between Nulato & Kaltag
Khyra, from her khorner:  660 Also Between Nulato & Kaltag
Washington Woos, Steve & Kat: 476 Between Cripple & Ruby
 Great progress, Team!
Go to the Iditarod's interactive map & read up on what the travel conditions & challenges along each leg of the journey!  (select map from menu on right side of the page)  It certainly sounds like our Team members are virtually experiencing some beautiful scenery!   
Check in again on Sat & Sun for Jack's back-to-back interviews with Steve & Kat, our brother-sister team from Washington.
What's happening today? Food and supplies are being delivered to the checkpoints with the aid of the Iditarod Air Force:
The Iditarod Canine athletes are undergoing electrocardiograms and extensive blood tests prior to the start of the race on March 7th.   This is the first of many exams by  V-E-T-S that will help insure the health of these amazing sled dogs, the greatest athletes on earth!
Reporting for Team SiberMal, Jack a-roo

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Team Interview: Huffle

Our walkers are all active and making good progress.  Several Team members posted pictures from their walks this week on their bogs - be sure to check them out, member blogs are listed to the right.  
On to our next special feature:
"Meet the Teams"  Interview with our Honorary Huskie, Huffle
Our second in the interviews is with our most unusual member, Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat. Now woo might be thinking "What!?!  A Cat?!?  did woo say a 'CAT'?!?"
Read on....
1.   Huffle, how did woo get to be an honorary husky?
Well Jack, I was always a big fan of huskies and when I started reading a few husky blogs (Meeshka, the Army of Four, Turbo) and then making friends with those huskies, I think Turbo in particular realized that I have some husky traits and that I should be made an honorary husky.  So he gave me that special honour.  and I take husky lessons from Stormy, of course.  (note*  Stormy is  Supreme Commander of the Ao4)
2.  Tell us about where you live.  Most of us have never been there.
I live in Melbourne, Australia.  It's a very nice place: we have good weather (although there are a lot of fires here at the moment) and it's never cold enough for snow.  The countryside is beautiful and the people here are very relaxed.  There are a lot of dangerous critters in Australia, though; most of the snakes and spiders here are killers.  But the koalas and kangaroos are cute.  We don' have them in our backyards, like everyone seems to think.  they live out in the country.
3.  How did woo come to be with your furever family?
I adopted mum and dad just over three years ago after being abandoned at the Cat Protection Society.  Dad was looking for a friend for my late brother Salvador and I charmed him into taking me home.  My previous humans were not very nice to me, but mum and dad treat me like a princess, and I love it here!  
4.  What are your favorite foods?
HAM! And roast chicken.  Gravy is good too.
Favorite Toys?  My mouses.  I have about 20 of them.  I also have a puppy wubba that Dave from the Ao4 sent me.
Favorite Games?  Chasing Mr. Mous around the huse.  playing "Thundering Herd of Elephants: up and down the stairs at 3 am is also good.
Favorite places to nap?  Anywhere warm!  I like to sleep under mum and dad's doona )duvet, quilt, comforter) and in my purple Huffle bed.  My newest favorite place to nap is the flower pot where the parsley used to live.
5.  Have woo had any encounters with squirrels or other unusual animals where woo live?
We don't have squirrels here, but I have caught a gecko before.  It was very exciting and I was yelling for mum and dad to come out in the backyard to see what I'd caught.  They didn't seem that impressed; I don't know why.
6.  Do woo like to go to the v-e-t?
NO!  Last time I went to the v=e=t= I peed and pooped in my crate because I was sos scared. And then I had to have a bath.  It was awful.  I'm sure now that I don't have to go back for at least another three years.
7.  What do you do for exercise, Huffle?
I run around the house at 3 am.  I also jump on the back fence.  Mum gets anoyed atbout that. And I spend quite a bit of time every day chasing my mouses around.
8.  We hear a lot about the Dyson Wars on the husky blogs - is your fluff as difficult to remove as sibe fluff?  Do woo shed?  Woo always look so soft and shiny!
We have a Dyson too!  I don't think its doing a good job though - there is black fur everywhere in my  house.  a while back you would have read on my blog about my mum finding black furs in her coffee too.  Meeshka was so proud of me for that.  I think mum and dad have given up trying to remove all my furs from the house - there seems to be lots of it around.  Every time they clean up, I just put some more back for them.  I know they love it.
9.  If we were doing the Idita-walk up in Alaska, what would woo like to see up there?
Brown bears!  Mum and dad have seen some but I haven't and I'd like to.  I've also heard the scenery is pretty good the, lots of places for an expolorer cat to check out.
10.  Is there anything else woo would like to tell us about yourself?
I am a grown up 8 years old kitty, but dad says I act like a silly kitten most of the time.  I'm just making up for all the fun I didn't get to  have when I was little!
Thank woo, Huffle Mawson.  It's great to have woo on our team!
Every musher must comply with the Iditerod rules and regulations.  Each musher is required to carry an arctic parka, a heavy sleeping bag, an ax, snowshoes, musher food, dog food, and boots for every dogs' feety-feets to protect them against injuries from cutting ice and running on hard-packed snow.   A husky's paws are naturally heavily furred on the underside, which provides a better grip for running over ice.
Woos & a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo, reporting for Team SiberMal

Monday, February 9, 2009

Idita-walkers in Action

Here's a glimpse of our teams in action this past week:
#1 & #2: Steve & Kat, checking out the hiking trails in Washington. Kat explores off trail, investigating some interesting life forms:
#3 & #4: Star, Jack & Moon, the 3 Husk-a-teers! Coming and going:
#5 - #8:  The Kapp Pack - King Sky Boy and his enthusiastic teammates, Canyon and Princess Sunshine Meadow, put Dad through his paces:
#7:  And, walking "down under",  Team SiberMal's Honorary Husky, Huffle, is doing the Huffle Shuffle for Idita-walk!
THAT'S A FACT, JACK! Musher terms: 
"Dog in Basket" Tired or injured dog carried in the sled. "Pedaling" Pushing the sled with one foot while the other remains on the runner

Saturday, February 7, 2009


We're going to start our special feature today. Here's a chance to meet all the fabulous four-footed Team SiberMal pack members! (Who cares about the bipeds?) My first interview is with the youngest member of Team SiberMal, Miss Khady Lynn! 1. Ha-roo! Khady Lynn, just how old are woo? My birthday is April 22, 2008, I am now 9 month old. 2. Tell us a bit about your family: Do woo have siblings? My oldest Sibe sister is Abby, she is 14, Sibe brother Samuel ( aka the dork) is 10, Samoyed brother Kona is 12, Samoyed brother Monty (the monster) is 8, and my bestest big Malagal sis Holly is 5. 3. How did woo come to be with your furever family? I was the last of my litter, and my birth mom (Gloria) and dad's (Juarez) family wanted to be sure I would go to a VERY special family, cuz they thought I was very special. well, since my mom knows my birth family's humans (Cecile & Lisa of D'Azul Siberians), and mom decided she just HAD to have me! She hadn't had a puppy since Samuel! Mom knew this was THE perfect place for me. I'm sooo happy here! I just love my whole family! And, not cuz I'm spoiled, or anything like that. 4.  That's quite a large family! Woo have a nice variety of Northern Breeds. Where are your D'Azule sibe sibs now? Cornelia Marie is in Georgia with Sitka, Shinzou & Lily live out west. Colorado, I think. 5. What kinds of biped transportation have woo used? So far I have only traveled in a car, and the "whale" that belongs to my birth family. I guess it's some sort of huge van. 6. Do woo like to go out in public? Where have woo gone with your bipeds? I LOVE going out in public! I seem to get a lot of attention, and lots of pets! Mom and dad take me to Petsmart, Petco, and on lots of walks in different parts of town. I even got to go play at the dogpark! 7. Doo woo like mini-bipeds? So far, the ones I've met at the pet stores have all been really interesting to sniff, and they seem to like me. 8. Have woo had any encounters with cats or sqwirrels? There is one cat that lives in a house along my neighborhood walk, and he hides under the truck in the driveway. I always want to chase him, cuz he smells really tasty, but mom just drags me away. We do have a few stupid squirrels that come into our yard, but we are all really good about chasing them away. 9. Do woo like to go to the V-E-T? Oh yes! I get LOTS of attention. They poke me a little, but so far I haven't minded. 10. What's your favorite color? Pink is my signature color. Favorite toy? I love my little squeaky ball! It's small, and fits perfectly in my mouth, and I just love doing the squeaka squeaka squeaka noises with it! Favorite food? Peanut butter! TOTALLY!!! 11. Where do woo sleep at night? Umm, does the bedroom count? We all get to hang out wherever we want. I like my cushy doggie pillows to sleep on. 12. Did woo do any preparation for the Idita-walk? Mom does put my pretty pink harness on me. She says that's the best way for me to walk. I like to run ahead, but then choke myself when I get to the end of the flexi-leash, if I'm just hooked to my collar. 13. What's the most interesting thing for woo about walking in the Idita-walk? I really enjoy being able to get out and take in all the interesting smells. I also look forward to running into that stupid rabbit that sits in my neighbor's yard and terrorizes me, by IGNORING me when I yell at him! Someday I'll see him when I'm not behind a fence! 14. What do woo want to be when woo grow up? I would like to be a therapy dog, just like my big sis Holly, Abby, Samuel and Kona. I think it would be great to visit people and get lots of attention and make them feel better at the same time. 15. Is there anything else woo would like to tell us about yourself? I think all pups should be allowed to eat peanut butter and cheese with their kibble. It makes things much tastier! Thank woo for the interview, Miss Khady Lynn! So there woo have it, she may be the youngest, but she sure has a lot to say! Keep up the Idita-walking, team. And check back for more interviews & updates! THAT'S A FACT, JACK: The Iditarod Trail began as a mail and supply route from the coastal towns of Seward and Knik to the interior gold-mining camps at Flat, Ophir, Ruby, and beyond to Unalakleet, Elim, Golovin, White Mountain and Nome on the west coast of Alaska. Dogsleds packed mail and supplies into the towns and camps, and packed out the gold. It's now a National Historic Trail. Reporting for Team siberMal, woos & a-roos to yous, ~Jack

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This first week of Idita-Walk is off to a good start, with several Team SiberMal packs reporting in. 
Khyra is forging ahead, checking every site for evil sqwirrels before making camp.  She took a bit of time off for her huzzy photo shoot, to appease her many fans.  As soon as she rests up (those photo shoots can be so exhausting!) she'll hit the road again.
Our youngest member, Khady Lynn, has also been romping onward.   All that youthful enthusiasm!   More about her when Jack (that's me) interviews her for our first "Meet the Teams" interview, coming soon!
My "twin brother" Steve and his darling and daring sister Kat sent in a pic of them trekking away.   Notice the motion blur - obviously they weren't going to stand still for a moment to let mom use that flashy box.    She'll just have to keep up!
Star & I are making progress, but we did take a day off yesterday to play in the new snow.   (What self-respecting husky wouldn't?) We also stopped along our virtual trail to take at look at - are woo ready for this - "JACK LAKE!"   Ha-roos!   I have my furry own lake and didn't even know it! We found this stunning photo of  Jack Lake at Twilight by Mary Lang .  (Be sure to check out her link formore of her beawootiful water photos.) Today we'll be packing up and mushing out.
We found some furry interesting reading on the Iditarod site - check out real details of the terrain of the route at the Iditarod's Route and Checkpoint map.  Makes for a dogs-eye view of the trail!
That's the news from the trail today, Happy mushing!
Reporting for Team SiberMal, a-roos to yous, Jack

Sunday, February 1, 2009


click map - follow along!
A-roos to yous!
It's me, Jack, reporting for Team SiberMal.
Day 1
Star & I finished our first day's walking of the Idita-walk (30 minutes). It was a beawootiful day here, sunny and 43F. And look who came with us!
Our friend Moon joined in, our bipeds said we were a lively bunch! Mom actually took me & Moon for a little extra walking, she said we needed to stretch our legs a little more. We did not complain.
Our 30 mile/minute walk lands us at the virtual Iditarod Trail campsite mentioned yesterday, at Hwy 1 & Old South Glenn Hwy. We'll pitch the tent and put a kettle on the campfire in case any more walkers come along.
We also received
these great shots of MFT herself (being shadowed by her own personal pupperozzi) on her first Idita-walk walk. Just look at that fluffy tail waving in the wind! Good job, Khyra! At our virtual camp, Khyra's putting a pot of soup on the cooking fire, supper will be ready soon! MMMM! We don't have any updates from other team members at this time, but maybe they're still walking their feety-feets on the trail! Tomorrow's virtual walk through Alaska of 30 more miles/minutes will take us N. on Rt. 1 , left on Rt. 3, through Wasilla, and on up Rt. 3. & take a right off Rt. 3 on Zero Lake Trail. We found a nice place to camp tomorrow called Zero Lake. Isn't it pretty? It's definitely secluded!
THAT'S A FACT, JACK: The Iditerod has 70 mushers registered. It begins on March 7th. The Iditawalk has 659 walkers and 74 canines registered!
Have a good day hiking, we'll keep the campfire burning, and see woo tomorrow!