Sunday, February 1, 2009


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A-roos to yous!
It's me, Jack, reporting for Team SiberMal.
Day 1
Star & I finished our first day's walking of the Idita-walk (30 minutes). It was a beawootiful day here, sunny and 43F. And look who came with us!
Our friend Moon joined in, our bipeds said we were a lively bunch! Mom actually took me & Moon for a little extra walking, she said we needed to stretch our legs a little more. We did not complain.
Our 30 mile/minute walk lands us at the virtual Iditarod Trail campsite mentioned yesterday, at Hwy 1 & Old South Glenn Hwy. We'll pitch the tent and put a kettle on the campfire in case any more walkers come along.
We also received
these great shots of MFT herself (being shadowed by her own personal pupperozzi) on her first Idita-walk walk. Just look at that fluffy tail waving in the wind! Good job, Khyra! At our virtual camp, Khyra's putting a pot of soup on the cooking fire, supper will be ready soon! MMMM! We don't have any updates from other team members at this time, but maybe they're still walking their feety-feets on the trail! Tomorrow's virtual walk through Alaska of 30 more miles/minutes will take us N. on Rt. 1 , left on Rt. 3, through Wasilla, and on up Rt. 3. & take a right off Rt. 3 on Zero Lake Trail. We found a nice place to camp tomorrow called Zero Lake. Isn't it pretty? It's definitely secluded!
THAT'S A FACT, JACK: The Iditerod has 70 mushers registered. It begins on March 7th. The Iditawalk has 659 walkers and 74 canines registered!
Have a good day hiking, we'll keep the campfire burning, and see woo tomorrow!


  1. We finished our portion about an hour ago...

    It was beaWOOtiful! So many birds stirring and buds emerging!

    Now, we are bakhk at the khampsite making soup fur dinner!

    PeeEssWoo: Our weather is spot on to yours!

  2. Well we didn't walk today, but we played in the back yard. That should count as some "miles", right?

  3. We missed yesterday because of cleaning for the super bowl party, but we walked for an hour today so we will see you at the camping spot tonight!