Sunday, February 15, 2009

Team Interview: Huffle

Our walkers are all active and making good progress.  Several Team members posted pictures from their walks this week on their bogs - be sure to check them out, member blogs are listed to the right.  
On to our next special feature:
"Meet the Teams"  Interview with our Honorary Huskie, Huffle
Our second in the interviews is with our most unusual member, Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat. Now woo might be thinking "What!?!  A Cat?!?  did woo say a 'CAT'?!?"
Read on....
1.   Huffle, how did woo get to be an honorary husky?
Well Jack, I was always a big fan of huskies and when I started reading a few husky blogs (Meeshka, the Army of Four, Turbo) and then making friends with those huskies, I think Turbo in particular realized that I have some husky traits and that I should be made an honorary husky.  So he gave me that special honour.  and I take husky lessons from Stormy, of course.  (note*  Stormy is  Supreme Commander of the Ao4)
2.  Tell us about where you live.  Most of us have never been there.
I live in Melbourne, Australia.  It's a very nice place: we have good weather (although there are a lot of fires here at the moment) and it's never cold enough for snow.  The countryside is beautiful and the people here are very relaxed.  There are a lot of dangerous critters in Australia, though; most of the snakes and spiders here are killers.  But the koalas and kangaroos are cute.  We don' have them in our backyards, like everyone seems to think.  they live out in the country.
3.  How did woo come to be with your furever family?
I adopted mum and dad just over three years ago after being abandoned at the Cat Protection Society.  Dad was looking for a friend for my late brother Salvador and I charmed him into taking me home.  My previous humans were not very nice to me, but mum and dad treat me like a princess, and I love it here!  
4.  What are your favorite foods?
HAM! And roast chicken.  Gravy is good too.
Favorite Toys?  My mouses.  I have about 20 of them.  I also have a puppy wubba that Dave from the Ao4 sent me.
Favorite Games?  Chasing Mr. Mous around the huse.  playing "Thundering Herd of Elephants: up and down the stairs at 3 am is also good.
Favorite places to nap?  Anywhere warm!  I like to sleep under mum and dad's doona )duvet, quilt, comforter) and in my purple Huffle bed.  My newest favorite place to nap is the flower pot where the parsley used to live.
5.  Have woo had any encounters with squirrels or other unusual animals where woo live?
We don't have squirrels here, but I have caught a gecko before.  It was very exciting and I was yelling for mum and dad to come out in the backyard to see what I'd caught.  They didn't seem that impressed; I don't know why.
6.  Do woo like to go to the v-e-t?
NO!  Last time I went to the v=e=t= I peed and pooped in my crate because I was sos scared. And then I had to have a bath.  It was awful.  I'm sure now that I don't have to go back for at least another three years.
7.  What do you do for exercise, Huffle?
I run around the house at 3 am.  I also jump on the back fence.  Mum gets anoyed atbout that. And I spend quite a bit of time every day chasing my mouses around.
8.  We hear a lot about the Dyson Wars on the husky blogs - is your fluff as difficult to remove as sibe fluff?  Do woo shed?  Woo always look so soft and shiny!
We have a Dyson too!  I don't think its doing a good job though - there is black fur everywhere in my  house.  a while back you would have read on my blog about my mum finding black furs in her coffee too.  Meeshka was so proud of me for that.  I think mum and dad have given up trying to remove all my furs from the house - there seems to be lots of it around.  Every time they clean up, I just put some more back for them.  I know they love it.
9.  If we were doing the Idita-walk up in Alaska, what would woo like to see up there?
Brown bears!  Mum and dad have seen some but I haven't and I'd like to.  I've also heard the scenery is pretty good the, lots of places for an expolorer cat to check out.
10.  Is there anything else woo would like to tell us about yourself?
I am a grown up 8 years old kitty, but dad says I act like a silly kitten most of the time.  I'm just making up for all the fun I didn't get to  have when I was little!
Thank woo, Huffle Mawson.  It's great to have woo on our team!
Every musher must comply with the Iditerod rules and regulations.  Each musher is required to carry an arctic parka, a heavy sleeping bag, an ax, snowshoes, musher food, dog food, and boots for every dogs' feety-feets to protect them against injuries from cutting ice and running on hard-packed snow.   A husky's paws are naturally heavily furred on the underside, which provides a better grip for running over ice.
Woos & a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo, reporting for Team SiberMal


  1. Tank woo fur letting Huffle purr her tail's tale to us!

    We had another lovely walk today!

    Blue skies - upper 30's - lots of good smells!


  2. That Huffle is one interesting kitty. We don't let Wilbur walk with us. He would be able to go as far as we can.


  3. It was great learning more about you, Huffle! How is your walking going?