Monday, February 9, 2009

Idita-walkers in Action

Here's a glimpse of our teams in action this past week:
#1 & #2: Steve & Kat, checking out the hiking trails in Washington. Kat explores off trail, investigating some interesting life forms:
#3 & #4: Star, Jack & Moon, the 3 Husk-a-teers! Coming and going:
#5 - #8:  The Kapp Pack - King Sky Boy and his enthusiastic teammates, Canyon and Princess Sunshine Meadow, put Dad through his paces:
#7:  And, walking "down under",  Team SiberMal's Honorary Husky, Huffle, is doing the Huffle Shuffle for Idita-walk!
THAT'S A FACT, JACK! Musher terms: 
"Dog in Basket" Tired or injured dog carried in the sled. "Pedaling" Pushing the sled with one foot while the other remains on the runner


  1. What an attrakhtive group of walkers!


  2. Wow! All the walking pictures are getting me excited. I wish the computer had a scratch and sniff function. I bet there's lots of good smells out there.