Saturday, February 7, 2009


We're going to start our special feature today. Here's a chance to meet all the fabulous four-footed Team SiberMal pack members! (Who cares about the bipeds?) My first interview is with the youngest member of Team SiberMal, Miss Khady Lynn! 1. Ha-roo! Khady Lynn, just how old are woo? My birthday is April 22, 2008, I am now 9 month old. 2. Tell us a bit about your family: Do woo have siblings? My oldest Sibe sister is Abby, she is 14, Sibe brother Samuel ( aka the dork) is 10, Samoyed brother Kona is 12, Samoyed brother Monty (the monster) is 8, and my bestest big Malagal sis Holly is 5. 3. How did woo come to be with your furever family? I was the last of my litter, and my birth mom (Gloria) and dad's (Juarez) family wanted to be sure I would go to a VERY special family, cuz they thought I was very special. well, since my mom knows my birth family's humans (Cecile & Lisa of D'Azul Siberians), and mom decided she just HAD to have me! She hadn't had a puppy since Samuel! Mom knew this was THE perfect place for me. I'm sooo happy here! I just love my whole family! And, not cuz I'm spoiled, or anything like that. 4.  That's quite a large family! Woo have a nice variety of Northern Breeds. Where are your D'Azule sibe sibs now? Cornelia Marie is in Georgia with Sitka, Shinzou & Lily live out west. Colorado, I think. 5. What kinds of biped transportation have woo used? So far I have only traveled in a car, and the "whale" that belongs to my birth family. I guess it's some sort of huge van. 6. Do woo like to go out in public? Where have woo gone with your bipeds? I LOVE going out in public! I seem to get a lot of attention, and lots of pets! Mom and dad take me to Petsmart, Petco, and on lots of walks in different parts of town. I even got to go play at the dogpark! 7. Doo woo like mini-bipeds? So far, the ones I've met at the pet stores have all been really interesting to sniff, and they seem to like me. 8. Have woo had any encounters with cats or sqwirrels? There is one cat that lives in a house along my neighborhood walk, and he hides under the truck in the driveway. I always want to chase him, cuz he smells really tasty, but mom just drags me away. We do have a few stupid squirrels that come into our yard, but we are all really good about chasing them away. 9. Do woo like to go to the V-E-T? Oh yes! I get LOTS of attention. They poke me a little, but so far I haven't minded. 10. What's your favorite color? Pink is my signature color. Favorite toy? I love my little squeaky ball! It's small, and fits perfectly in my mouth, and I just love doing the squeaka squeaka squeaka noises with it! Favorite food? Peanut butter! TOTALLY!!! 11. Where do woo sleep at night? Umm, does the bedroom count? We all get to hang out wherever we want. I like my cushy doggie pillows to sleep on. 12. Did woo do any preparation for the Idita-walk? Mom does put my pretty pink harness on me. She says that's the best way for me to walk. I like to run ahead, but then choke myself when I get to the end of the flexi-leash, if I'm just hooked to my collar. 13. What's the most interesting thing for woo about walking in the Idita-walk? I really enjoy being able to get out and take in all the interesting smells. I also look forward to running into that stupid rabbit that sits in my neighbor's yard and terrorizes me, by IGNORING me when I yell at him! Someday I'll see him when I'm not behind a fence! 14. What do woo want to be when woo grow up? I would like to be a therapy dog, just like my big sis Holly, Abby, Samuel and Kona. I think it would be great to visit people and get lots of attention and make them feel better at the same time. 15. Is there anything else woo would like to tell us about yourself? I think all pups should be allowed to eat peanut butter and cheese with their kibble. It makes things much tastier! Thank woo for the interview, Miss Khady Lynn! So there woo have it, she may be the youngest, but she sure has a lot to say! Keep up the Idita-walking, team. And check back for more interviews & updates! THAT'S A FACT, JACK: The Iditarod Trail began as a mail and supply route from the coastal towns of Seward and Knik to the interior gold-mining camps at Flat, Ophir, Ruby, and beyond to Unalakleet, Elim, Golovin, White Mountain and Nome on the west coast of Alaska. Dogsleds packed mail and supplies into the towns and camps, and packed out the gold. It's now a National Historic Trail. Reporting for Team siberMal, woos & a-roos to yous, ~Jack


  1. What an excellent interwoo!

    I wish woo had asked her fur some dirt on PHBbbbbbb ;-)

    This has been a furry fun experience! I'm about to hit The Trail fur my walk!


  2. Thank you sooo much for interviewing me! I had so much fun doing it. I'm really enjoying all the walks I am getting, and especially now, since the weather has gotten a little better!


  3. Who knew Khady Lynn was so deep! Thanks for helping us learn more about her.


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