Saturday, February 28, 2009

Washing Woos Interview Part II

Jack interviews Kat
Part 2 of our double interview with the Washington Woos!
(My chance to sidle up to Steve's sweet & saucy sis! )
1. How did woo find your furever family?
Well, as Steve said, Mom saw his picture. Then she noticed that he had a litter mate with a black mask like she wanted. She didn't think she wanted a blue-eyed dog, but once she saw me, she loved my blue eyes. Mom thought it was meant to be that we were the puppies for her since Steve and I had the perfect looks and we were born on my mom's dad's birthday.
Woo do indeed have beawootiful eyes, really stunning with your face mask.  I could look into them furever! As a puppy, I also had a furry dark mask-- I don't know
 where it went, but its gone!
2. Do woo have siblings (skin, feathered, furred, scaled, whatever)
I have Silly Steve for a brother. He's really fun to play with and he does whatever I say. I also have Wilbur. We live in a state of tolerance. I don't like him and he doesn't like me, but we have to tolerate each other. It makes me really mad when he sits on my mom though.
3. what 's your favorite : food? toy? place to sleep?
I really like cantaloupe. My favorite toy is my yellow Life is Good ball. My favorite place to sleep is on the couch with my mom or in bed next to my mom or in the office on top of my mom's feet. Basically with my mom!
4. Have woo ever had encounters with small critters like sqwirrels? (and were they tasty encounters?)
I chase squirrels in the yard, but I haven't caught one. (That I'm admitting to.)
5. Tell us a bit about where you get to go walking.
My walking routes are the same as Steve's. I particularly love it when we get to go bike riding. Yes, woo had pictures on your blog of woo in your bike-riding harness, furry cool!
6. Do woo like going to the v-e-t?
I like the part where I get to go for a car ride and meet new people, but I don't actually like the vet part. (Me neither)
7. If we were all on the actual Iditerod trail, what would woo like to see in Alaska?
SNOW! I love snow so much.  
(Me too!)
8. Do woo get to go for car rides? planes, trains, boats or buses?
Same as Steve. I like to give my dad kisses while he's driving if I'm not wearing my seatbelt.
I was quite impressed that woo & Steve have been in an airplane with your mom as the pilot!  
9. What's the best part about being a sibe?
All of the attention I get. I love people and people always want to stop and pet me.
10. Tell us something else interesting about yourself.
I really like to play fetch, even though that's not a typical Siberian behavior. I'll pretty much always play.
Thanks, Kat.  I learned a few things about one of my very favorite sibettes!    Although woo didn't mention it, I know that woo also have gone to agility classes - that's pretty unusual for a sibe, too.  I've never gone to classes, but I made my own agility course in the backyard, jumping over and around the patio furniture, lawnmower, bar-b-que & stuff.  I dug lots of holes to make it more interesting.   If we effur get together, we could have lots of fun doing zoomies together.
Reporting for Team SiberMal, Jack a-roo


  1. Another grrrrreat interveiw Jakhk-A-Roo-Woo!

    Kat and Steve are soooo living the good life save fur that feline thingie!


  2. Woo there Jack~
    Great work woo are doing with all of the Idita-views. Keep up the good work. I love it when Mom reads them to me!!
    Your pal,

  3. I really like that picture you did of the two of us together. And it is a fact that if we ever meet, we will have tons of fun doing zoomies!!