Friday, February 27, 2009

Idita-walk Pupdate!

Aroos to yous! 
Hard to believe, but we're half-way through the time allotment for the Idita-walk.  A few of our teams are reporting their totals so far. We'll update as more teams check in:
Holly's House, Khady Lynn: 670 Between Nulato & Kaltag
The Cybersibes, Star & Jack: 665 Between Nulato & Kaltag
Khyra, from her khorner:  660 Also Between Nulato & Kaltag
Washington Woos, Steve & Kat: 476 Between Cripple & Ruby
 Great progress, Team!
Go to the Iditarod's interactive map & read up on what the travel conditions & challenges along each leg of the journey!  (select map from menu on right side of the page)  It certainly sounds like our Team members are virtually experiencing some beautiful scenery!   
Check in again on Sat & Sun for Jack's back-to-back interviews with Steve & Kat, our brother-sister team from Washington.
What's happening today? Food and supplies are being delivered to the checkpoints with the aid of the Iditarod Air Force:
The Iditarod Canine athletes are undergoing electrocardiograms and extensive blood tests prior to the start of the race on March 7th.   This is the first of many exams by  V-E-T-S that will help insure the health of these amazing sled dogs, the greatest athletes on earth!
Reporting for Team SiberMal, Jack a-roo

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    I khan't wait until the interview with STEVE *SIGH* and khute Kat posts!