Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Iditawalk 2009 Begins...

Welcome to the Team SiberMal Iditawalk Blog! 
This team has committed to completing an exciting challenge: to walk for 1,049 minutes to honor the 1049 miles run by dog teams in the Iditerod.   The walk raises money for the Boy Scouts of Salmon Lake, near Nome, Alaska.  Please click on the Idita-walk link to the right & read all about it!  
The walk begins on Feb. 1st and runs through March 31st.   Team SiberMal walkers represent an International group of Siberians, Malamutes,  honorary Siberians (felines), and the bipeds that love them and share their lives.  
Team members are on the list to the right, with links to our blogs.   We'll do a little feature on each member during the course of the walk., so keep checking in.   Members will be posting about their experiences here in replies, and perhaps on their personal blogs as well.    
Ha-roo!  I'm Jack, and I will be your host for the first part of the journey!   Our virtual trip begins in Anchorage, Alaska.   The goal is to cover 30 miles (30 minutes) during each walking session.  Our first "camp" will be set up 30 miles north  of Anchorage near the Highway Rt. 1 at the exit at Old South Glenn Highway.   We'll set up our virtual tents along the banks of the Knik Arm.
Look at the gorgeous sunset we can look forward to!   
It's time to go curl up & get some napping in, before the walk begins!  See you at Camp Knik!
THAT'S A FACT, JACK:   A Dog Team consumes apx. 1800 pounds of food over the course of the Iditerod race. 
Reporting for Team SiberMal, a-roos to yous!  ~Jack


  1. What a grrrrreat trek we about to emBARK and woo upon!


  2. Great work Jack! I'm excited to walk with you.


  3. Wow! This looks super cool! I want to join in next year once I'm a big boy!


  4. HaRooo Jack.
    Woo will have to let Maw know about da team next year.
    She is doing it wid us dis year. We will keep her going.

    Husky kisses,